Understanding Snapchat Planet Order: A Fun Way to Rank Your Friends

Snapchat, the popular multimedia messaging app, is known for its innovative and playful features that keep users engaged. One such feature that has recently caught the attention of many is the “Snapchat Planet Order.” This intriguing feature ranks your friends in a unique and visually appealing way, using a planetary system to represent your closest connections. In this blog post, we will explore what the Snapchat Planet Order is, how it works, and how you can use it to enhance your Snapchat experience.

What is the Snapchat Planet Order?

Snapchat Planet Order is a fun and creative way to categorise your friends based on the level of interaction you have with them. Instead of traditional lists or rankings, Snapchat uses a solar system theme where each friend is assigned a planet. The closest friends, with whom you interact the most, are represented by planets closest to the sun, while those you interact with less frequently are placed further away.

How Does Snapchat Planet Order Work?

The Snapchat Planet Order system is based on the amount of interaction between you and your friends. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Sun (Best Friends): The sun represents your top friends on Snapchat. These are the friends you interact with the most, whether through snaps, chats, or stories.

Mercury: Friends placed on Mercury are those you interact with very frequently, just slightly less than your top friends.

Venus: Friends on Venus are also very close connections but with a slightly lower interaction rate compared to those on Mercury.

Earth: These are friends you interact with regularly but not as much as those on Venus or Mercury.

Mars: Friends on Mars are those you interact with occasionally.

Jupiter: Friends on Jupiter are those you have infrequent interactions with.

Saturn: Friends on Saturn are those with whom you rarely interact.

Uranus: Friends on Uranus are those you hardly ever interact with.

Neptune: Friends on Neptune are those you almost never interact with.

Pluto (Distant Friends): Pluto, although not always included as a planet, represents the friends you have minimal interaction with.

How to See Your Snapchat Planet Order

To view your Snapchat Planet Order, follow these steps:

Profile Page: Go to your profile page by tapping on your Bitmoji or profile icon in the top left corner.

Friends List: Access your friends list by tapping on the “My Friends” section.

Best Friends Section: In the “Best Friends” section, you will see the friends ranked according to the Snapchat Planet Order.

Snapchat does not explicitly label friends as planets in the app. Instead, the ranking system is inferred from the level of interaction. Your closest friends (those who would be represented as Mercury or Venus) will appear at the top of your “Best Friends” section.

Benefits of Snapchat Planet Order

Fun and Engaging: The planetary system adds a fun and engaging twist to the way you view and manage your friendships on Snapchat.

Easy Identification: It helps you easily identify your closest friends and keep track of who you interact with the most.

Encourages Interaction: Knowing your friends’ rankings can encourage you to interact more with those who are further down the list, maintaining and strengthening your connections.

Visual Appeal: The solar system theme is visually appealing and makes the app more interesting to use.

Tips for Maximising Your Snapchat Planet Order

Increase Interactions: To move a friend closer to the sun, increase your interactions with them by sending more snaps, engaging in chats, and viewing their stories.

Consistency: Regular and consistent interactions are key to maintaining or improving a friend’s position in your planet order.

Explore Features: Use Snapchat’s various features like Snap Map, stories, and group chats to engage with your friends in different ways.

Snap Streaks: Maintain snap streaks with friends to boost their ranking. A snap streak is created when you and a friend snap each other daily.


The Snapchat Planet Order is a creative and entertaining way to visualise and manage your friendships on the app. By categorising friends based on interaction levels and representing them as planets in a solar system, Snapchat adds a unique layer of engagement to its user experience. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your existing connections or just curious about how your interactions stack up, the Snapchat Planet Order offers a delightful way to explore your social universe.

So, next time you open Snapchat, take a moment to check out your planetary rankings and see where your friends orbit in your social solar system. It’s a fun way to stay connected and keep your interactions lively and meaningful.

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